An insurance dedicated to the people who practice a sport

IMPACT MULTISPORT is an insurance and assistance dedicated to the people who practice a sport, assiduously or occasionally.

For example, this winter, you took a one-week ski pass to practice your favorite sport. A bad fall, and you are immobilized three weeks, the leg in the plaster. Impact Multisport will refund your ski pass on a pro rata basis for unused days.

Are you going to do a trek in Nepal? Insurance and support IMPACT MULTISPORTS is your ideal cover: with a guarantee Search and rescue costs up to 30,000 €, including helicopter fees, you will leave serene for sports.
And since you're not a one-day sportsman, remember to make sure the year, the cost of an individual insurance year is 102€.

Why do sports: your only motivation should not be your line or weight loss, it is also a healthy lifestyle. You will find mental and physical well-being in sport.

Originally, the sport was mainly a training for the warriors. Now, fortunately, the sport is practiced for fun.

There are several types of sport: collective sport, individual sport, strength sports, mechanical sport, aerial sport, sliding sports, water sports, ice sports, combat sports, and Others.